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Why Ogden Avalanche?

                 Ogden Avalanche was created in 2016,  as a social media entity to get information to backcountry users in Ogden.  This has slowly morphed into an experienced group of users in the Ogden area volunteering time to create an avalanche advisory for the Northern Wasatch and Southern Bear River Range.  We settled on the name Ogden Avalanche for simplicity even though the forecast area covers from the South at Grandeur Peak in Salt Lake County to the North at Mantua Reservoir in Box Elder County and to Randolf, Utah in the East.  This contains six Utah counties; Box Elder, Weber, Davis, Rich, Morgan, and Salt Lake County's.  Ogden Avalanche's mission is; “We provide access to avalanche education and information, through a range of resources, to diverse user groups throughout the Ogden community.”  We accomplish this through outreach to community members, education from children to adults, avalanche forecasting, professional observations, and weather data collection.  We work with our local ski areas to promote safe travel and access to Ogden's pristine powder.  Ogden Avalanche hopes to continue in our mission keeping people in Ogden informed on current and changing avalanche conditions.


                   Here at Ogden Avalanche we realize how important sustainable practices are to winter recreation.   Climate change will effect our industry more than any other industry in the United States.  Specifically here in Utah where winter tourism is so important in generating tax revenue.  Utah also struggles with some of the worst air quality in the nation.  This is why Ogden Avalanche is powered completely by solar.  We also offset carbon we produce driving to ski and snowmobile,  we offset carbon produced by our snowmobiles, and offset the carbon produced to heat our office. These carbon offsets come at the price of about $20 a month.  We find this so important that we are willing to invest our own hard earned money to offset Ogden Avalanches carbon footprint.

Who We Are

Board Members

  • Ben Bauter

  • Kory Davis

  • Brandon Long

  • Daniel Turner

  • Nichole Dye

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