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Hells today, Lust Avalanche.

From Joe, (the reporting party)       Riding hells canyon today one skier one boarder came into 2.5 in between pride and gluttony. I came in a little low to a small ridge that is often wind loaded. Skier one was high and took the line to skiers right. We discussed me going one ridge over to avoid triggering the wind slab. As skier one cut right I moved about 8 ft to get a better angle for a video where I then released the wind slab. I quickly yelled to skier 1 and he stoped well out of the slide path. We then decided I would ride down where we regrouped and both agreed we had made a bad call in dropping in with the conditions. Skier one then skied down to a tree high in the cemetery on left hand side (out of slide path) were he stoped I road to him where we regrouped quickly to head out the exit. Within a few seconds of stopping “lust” or #1 avalanched above us. The powder cloud almost reached us and we could see a large slide running full track. After we both stopped shaking we made a quick exit feeling uneasy about what was above us. We saw no signs of anyone involved. We both knew the instabilities in the new snow and chose to thread the needle. Poor decision and far to close of a call for either of us. You can never be sure of what’s above you and today was not the day to push. Lucky to take this one as a learning experience.        From Ogden Avalanche.  Joe did the right thing and instantly spoke we ski patrol and reported the accident.  If he had not ski patrol would have responded to look for someone in the debris.  Please, if you see or trigger an avalanche around Snowbasin please report to Ski Patrol.

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