North Ogden Divide Avalanche AS SS D2 Windslab Kory here with Ogden Avalanche

         Kory here with Ogden Avalanche, with the thought of full disclosure, I am going to ramble at you for the next couple paragraphs.  Today I went for a small ride in a wind slab avalanche on the North Ogden Divide.  Earlier that day, I had triggered a couple of other small avalanches on test slopes at similar elevation but different aspect.  I knew that the probability was high to trigger an avalanche as I skied across the slope.  Please do not think that I am downplaying the event.

          I turned to my partner and said "lets see if we can get this to avalanche"  I started my ski cut across the slope with speed.  The slope fractured above me, which surprised me, since I thought I was at the break over.  I kept moving trying to ski off slab when I could not continue my forward progress.  I started going for a ride.  I looked around still on my feet trying to gain momentum to out ski the slide but I could not.  I tipped over uphill, skis down hill riding on top.  Not to worried.  I was able to stand back up and ski off the slab about mid path.

Red is Ski cut, Green is ride.             I have written this many times before.  My infatuation with avalanches and triggering them has gotten me caught in a bad spot before.  I knew the slope would likely slide.  I knew the consequence was not as low as I would like it to be.  I wanted to test the slope anyways.  Why?  I am unsure.  I find avalanches very interesting and we can learn more about the snowpack by triggering them in safe situations.  So this is my dilemma, am I walking to close to the line?  Are you walking too close to the line?  Remember that risk tolerance is different for each person.  We all look at risk and reward differently.  My two cents would be to make conscious decisions and understand the consequence.  Do not go into these situations blindly.    Drew's article about Danger was excellent and you can find it on the UAC website blog (I am Dangerous).  Here are some more photos.  Thanks again for listening to my rambles!
Deposition Pile

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